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How to tie tassels on a Turkish towel?

If you have one of our towels it's very unlikely that you'll have this problem as we pre-wash them and check the tassels twice but one of the biggest problems we see with Turkish towels is unraveling tassels. Unravelled tassels won't affect the towel quality but if one becomes unravelled it's a good idea to tie them as they may get tangled after washing them. So we came up with a guide to re-tying tassels on a Turkish towel! Here are the 5 easy steps:

1. Find something heavy to put on the towel (this will make the process easier).

2. Split the untied tassels into 2 sections the same size.

3. Twist one section clockwise and then start twisting the other section in the same direction. You should hold the ends of both tassels while twisting them, and keep twisting each section until it starts to pull the towel.

4. Combine the 2 sections, while gently pulling the tassels towards you and start twisting them together counter-clockwise. Keep twisting the tassels until they start to pull the towel.

5. Tie an overhand knot on the tip.

And you're done! Your Turkish towel is as cute as it used to be! 

We recommend pulling the knots and making them stronger before the first wash. If you do this before the first wash, it's very unlikely that you'll have a Turkish towel with unravelled tassels. 



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