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FAQ About Turkish Towels from The Longest Thread

  • What's a Turkish towel?

    Turkish Towel, also known as pestemal, is a great eco-friendly alternative to terry-cloth towels. It absorbs water as fast as a traditional towel, dries very quick, takes up less space and is easy to carry. Originally designed to use in Turkish baths, Turkish towels are now used as a beach & bath towel, throw, shawl or a table covering.
  • Where can I use my Turkish towel?

    The fabric of our towels is soft and comfortable, making them incredibly multipurpose. You can wear your towel as a shawl on a cool evening, use them as a towel, or as a nursing cover and a blanket. They are also perfect for a day at the beach, as they’re light-weight and easy to pack. Use them as a coverup, then when you need to dry off, you already have a towel ready to go!
  • How do you make them?

    Our towels are woven with the traditional methods passed from generation to generation. We only use premium Turkish cotton. None of our products undergo chemical processing.
  • How to care for your Turkish towel?

    Turkish towels get softer with age and use. Every time you wash your towel you break the cotton fiber, which makes your towel softer with each wash. To protect its absorbency, you can add a cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle once in a month.