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Our Story

The Longest Thread began with a small gold coin found on the streets of Izmir, Turkey. With this token, I bought 10 towels, hand woven by artisans from a tiny town called Buldan. From here I launched my business selling Turkish towels.

This may sound like folklore, but it is my story. My name is Mehmet and I am the founder and designer of the collection you find at The Longest Thread. There is a story woven into each one of my products, born from the artisans and crafted with authentic Turkish materials. For almost a decade, this journey has evolved into an artisanal, minimalist brand that collaborates with small, family-owned businesses in rural Turkey to bring my contemporary designs to life.

Each item is ethically made, meaning the processes we use to create our goods uplift the artisans & the environment.

We want to be more than a company that just sells towels.
And we want your purchases to feel like more than just a sale.

Where We Are Making an Impact

We recognize our impact on the environment and have committed to become a certified climate neutral company.

We’ve built our products and processes to have reduced carbon emissions and have offset the emissions by supporting environmental programs, such as Mangrove Restoration in Myanmar as well as Forestry in Brazil and China.

Our emissions data is made publicly available so that you can make smarter buying decisions that you feel good about.

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